A lack of awareness of salary sacrifice car schemes among those working in HR may be hindering employee take-up of EVs, according to Fleet Evolution.

The salary sacrifice and fleet management provider held a survey on its stand at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development Exhibition, attended by around 5,000 HR decision-makers, and found that just 15% of respondents had any knowledge of salary sacrifice schemes for EVs and their benefits for employees ­- a figure unchanged from when the same survey was carried out the previous year.

Fleet Evolution founder and managing director Andrew Leech said: “We found the results astonishing, given all the publicity surrounding salary sacrifice schemes, particularly for EVs where the low levels of Benefit in Kind tax make them particularly attractive.

“For businesses and staff that want to keep mobility costs under control at a time of rapidly spiralling costs, a salary sacrifice car scheme can provide even relatively low paid staff with a highly cost and tax-efficient electric vehicle.

“Such a scheme can also help employees tackle the anxiety and emotional stress caused by the prospect of living costs spiralling out of control and help contribute positively to their wellbeing in the current turbulent economic climate.”