EV leasing and salary sacrifice firm Fleet Evolution has launched a new specialist fleet management division.

Mercia Fleet Management is said to have been introduced due to demand from the company’s existing customer base.

Fleet Evolution has provided bespoke fleet management services for the past four years, normally to salary sacrifice customers, but this is the first time it has launched a standalone fleet management operation.

The new division will be largely Midlands-centric, and focus on care providers, SMEs, and grey fleet operators.

Fleet Evolution managing director Andrew Leech, who will also head up the new division, said: “Through Mercia Fleet Management we will be providing what are seen as standard fleet management services – but with a personal twist. Many conventional fleet management companies are very volume focused and are keen to offer minimal level services in return for large numbers of vehicles at low cost.

“Our approach is different. We provide high levels of personalised customer service where the needs of the customer are the first things that we consider, rather than simply ticking boxes and providing basic levels of service. 

“One of our core objectives will be to provide savings for our clients. For example, allowing employees to make long journeys in their own vehicles and then reimbursing them at 45p per mile may be less cost effective than hiring a brand-new vehicle for the day – which will have lower duty of care risks into the bargain.

“As well as arranging the vehicle hire and the associated logistics, we can then factor these savings back into our rates which make for a more efficient and cost effective for the client all round.”