Fleet Line has undergone a major rebrand and is now known as Leaseplan Go.

The firm, which is a division of the UK’s second biggest leasing company, Leaseplan, has completely overhauled its website and IT structure in an effort to improve its customer service and speed of response.

New logos and other branding paraphernalia are also part of the move.

Simon Carr, brand director at Leaseplan Go, told BusinessCar that the move will: “Provide a step-change in the level of service.

“The new system allows all employees to see all clients in real time. It offers cost savings and efficiency through large fleets and allows us to tailor specific information to smaller fleets.”

For fleets, the new website is the most obvious change. It contains What Car? reviews, independent car reviews and a car comparator.

There is also information on duty of care and other fleet topics, as well as additional, general interest content.

Carr claimed that existing Fleet Line customers will now see “an increased level of service,” as a result of the more sophisticated IT structure.

“It allows us to treat each customer the way they’ve asked us to treat them.”

He said that the organisation could serve the needs of any fleet but it planned to specialise in SMEs because it felt that there was a greater opportunity for growth in that area of the market.

The rebrand takes effect from today (Monday 15 October) and is the culmination of 18 months of development.

The company has already seen double-digit growth over the last two years as Fleet Line and expects the rebrand to increase that.

It also plans to increase its social media presence and will be launching a series of competitions with key fleet manufacturers such as BMW and Mercedes in the coming months.

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