The fleet sector can look forward to a more stable 2011 in terms of new car registrations, although there will be a fall in retail sales that will see the overall market down by 5.0% this year, according to Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders boss Paul Everitt.

“Our sense is that the fleet and business sector will be more stable and the decline will be in the retail sector,” he said. There was a warning though. “Most people now feel less confident than they were and our working assumption is that it’s not going to get much better over the next three to six months, and confidence impacts upon corporates’ decision to invest and make purchasing decisions,” said Everitt.

The forecast for 2012 is a market 4.7% up on this year, taking it back to 2010 levels, which are still around 375,000 units per year down on the 2005-2007 average for sales across all sectors.

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