A new vehicle rental management tool has been launched by Fleet Service GB.

The tool, accessed through Fleet Service GB’s online customer portal, is designed to help with placing and managing bookings.

It allows drivers, cost centre managers and fleet managers to make a rental vehicle booking request through Fleet Service GB’s preferred network of suppliers.

The tool enables the user to submit all the key details needed to fulfil a booking requirement, including on and off-hire dates, type of vehicle, reason for hire and the name of the driver.

It provides a quote based on the daily rate of the selected vehicle, and submits the vehicle rental request directly to the Fleet Service GB team. 

The system allows line manager approval to be obtained prior to a booking request being processed, with an authorisation link sent by email.

Once authorised, the booking is then arranged by the Fleet Service GB team and a confirmation email sent to the requester.

The new tool also allows fleet managers to view and manage any live rental.

Fleet Service GB head of service delivery Sarah Clifford said: “The new rental management tool was developed at the request of customers, is easy to use and can be bespoke to the requirements of individual clients.

“Previously, bookings were made via email or a telephone call, which was inefficient and administratively cumbersome. 

“The new rental management tool is intuitive, avoids duplication of information during the vehicle booking process, reduces the risk of booking errors being made and provides customers with a comprehensive record on all vehicles on hire.”

Fleet Service GB is developing the rental management tool further, which will not only allow for a vehicle to be supplied according to the processed quote, but also, based on the daily rate of the vehicle selected and the duration of hire, provide recommendations on how to reduce the rental cost.