Fleetcheck has introduced a new software feature designed to spot gaps in driving for work documentation where fleets are legally required to have written policies in place.

Where no document is registered by a user on the company’s fleet management software, it provides a prompt to visit the newly launched Driving for Better Business (DfBB) Driving for Work Policy Builder to create a solution.

Launched in May, the Policy Builder is designed to help fleets create a risk management policy from a template and then check that it meets legal and compliance requirements. 

Users who adopt it are then reminded by Fleetcheck’s software to review the policy annually, and notified about any important updates from DfBB that may need inclusion.

Fleetcheck managing director Peter Golding said: “Good risk management is at the heart of fleet management and of course, a legal requirement when it comes to fleet safety.

“What we have done here is make it a more proactive part of our fleet software, helping to ensure that an appropriate risk management policy covering legal driving for work requirements has been created by everyone across our client base. 

“The new DfBB Policy Builder can help our customers hugely in this respect. It is an excellent online resource that makes creating high quality documentation very easy. 

“We’re very keen on not just providing software tools to our clients but enabling them to access a whole infrastructure of support gathered from across the industry that builds fleet management best practice.”  

DfBB is a government-backed National Highways programme which aims to help employers reduce work-related road risk, control associated costs and improve compliance with current legislation and guidance.

Golding said: “We have a longstanding relationship with DfBB and are pleased to be able to integrate their latest risk management initiative into our software in this manner. It’s all about trying to make fleet operations as safe as possible.”