Software firm Fleetcheck is set to introduce the first ever top-to-bottom rewrite of its core fleet management software.

It says the updated software is designed to be easier to use and faster than the existing product, and also to provide future flexibility for artificial intelligence and management information enhancements.

The update, to be launched at next month’s CV Show, will be rolled out during this year at no additional cost to the 7,200 users of the existing system.

Managing director Peter Golding said: “Our original software has been continually enhanced but the basic technology dates back a decade and, to move forwards in the years ahead, needed to be completely rethought.

“Our developers have been working hard on this new version of Fleetcheck for more than a year and we are very pleased with the results. It uses a completely new technology stack and leading edge technology such as .net core 7.

“Much effort has gone into improving the customer experience with a new interface and it simply feels faster, slicker and more effective in everyday use.”

The system is designed to help businesses handle their fleet management tasks efficiently, with users kept up to date through a traffic light system that allows them to prioritise tasks.

It integrates over 250 data streams while creating a robust audit trail to underpin legal requirements, and includes more than 600 different types of standard fleet report as standard. Being cloud-based, all data is securely backed up to Fleetcheck’s servers.

Golding said: “A key part of our success is that the user interface of our software is designed to be equally easy-to-use for the fleet novice as the seasoned transport professional, delivering for each person exactly what they need. We have worked hard to retain and enhance this characteristic of the product. 

“What is really interesting now is where we can take Fleetcheck in the future. It’s now viable for us to add all kinds of new features and we have been looking at what we can do with artificial intelligence for some time. It’s very much a case of watch this space.”