UK fleets have been warned to equip vehicles with kits which can check tyre pressures, tread depth and the condition of the tyre after new research claimed that more than 10 million tyres fitted to vehicles could be illegal.

Furthermore, around 2.2 million vehicles fail MoT tests annually thanks to tyre related issues, the DVSA said.

According to motor accessory company VGroup International, fitting these kits to fleet vehicles can help improve at-work driving safety policies.

The company – which has supplied 96,000 kits to fleets so far this year – said that tyres should be checked at least monthly and before long journeys.

“Drivers spending just a few minutes of their time checking their tyres at home, or in a car park or when filling up with fuel could be the difference between life and death,” said Martyn Nash, VGroup chairman.  “About 25% of crashes on UK roads involve at-work drivers.”

“Businesses do care about the health and wellbeing of their drivers, so we hope more corporates will provide tyre services kits to drivers,” he added.