Ford, the UK’s number one fleet brand, is looking to “change the way it is going in the future” as a brand, according to UK sales director Kevin Griffin

“Everyone knows we’re good in the core side of the business, but we want to grow in areas like SUVs,” he told BusinessCar. “The Kuga started to stretch it because we are very good at high [trim levels], but it’s about how we as Ford want to populate this luxury space because we don’t want to be premium – we want to be Ford.”

After a busy 2015 for its core products, with the launch of the new Mondeo, S-max and Galaxy, and facelifted Focus and C-max, this year is more focused on the niche models with the introduction of the Mustang, Edge large SUV and Focus RS hot hatch, as well as more products added to the premium Vignale branding launched with the Mondeo.

“I’m not saying Ford is BMW or Audi; in the pantheon of vehicles we have, we’ve got a new suite of vehicles we think you should try and buy,” he continued.

“If you put everything together – new vehicles, better showrooms and more supply – we are trying to drive the brand forward on the back of that,” concluded Griffin, “looking at how we articulate better to consumers to say think again, that the Ford you experienced some time ago isn’t the Ford of now.”