The Freight Transport Association has combined with City & Guilds to launch a new commercial vehicle fleet management qualification, with a view to progressing into company car or grey fleet areas if demand is detected.

“Fleet management is a bigger job than just being a transport manager,” said FTA deputy chief executive James Hookham, speaking at the launch event that also celebrated the opening of the FTA’s new training centre.

The qualification can be taken through the FTA or approved training partners, with any training operator encouraged to gain approval. The FTA is keen to point out the course isn’t just aimed at HGV fleets. “It would be equally relevant for exclusively van operators – they wouldn’t have to have a truck for it to be relevant,” Hookham continued, explaining the modules can be adapted to individual fleet needs, including an off-road module, for example, if the training is for utility companies.

There is also the opportunity to develop the training for car fleets. “If the signals from the market are that they need grey fleet, company car or van specialist, it’s flexible enough to do what we need,” he said.