BusinessCar’s latest online poll has revealed that the majority of fleets monitor their fuel efficiency via fuel cards.

A total of 47% used fuel cards, while 18% monitored their spend manually and only 6% employed telematics.

A startling 29% did not monitor their fuel efficiency at all. Giles Margerison, director of TomTom Business Solutions, told BusinessCar: “Taking steps to improve fuel efficiency means having clear management information and so it is somewhat surprising to see that almost one-third of car fleet operators have no means of monitoring fuel efficiency whatsoever.

“Although nearly half use fuel cards, the reliability of their accompanying fuel economy reports leaves a lot to be desired.

“Despite the best efforts of resolute fleet managers, inaccurate mileage figures are frequently given by apathetic and absentminded drivers when they fill up at the pump – and often not given at all.”