The AA has warned that fuel prices could be on the rise again. The organisation claimed that a spike in wholesale fuel prices was looming, following an increase in the cost of petrol across north-west Europe and a weaker pound, which could lead to a 5p per litre increase over the summer.

Following the concerns, price comparison website has warned drivers to avoid spending more time on the road searching for cheaper fuel.

Following research, it claimed that 3.5 million motorists will drive 10 miles out of their way to save five pence per litre, while 2.5 million will travel for 20 miles to achieve the same saving, despite the fact that driving for nine miles could eliminate any such saving.

Scott Kelly, head of motor services at Gocompare, said: “With fuel prices heading up again it’s not surprising that motorists will go out of their way to find cheaper petrol and diesel.

“However, what this research shows is that millions of motorists could be spending more on fuel in the hunt for the most competitive petrol stations, than they stand to save on their fuel when they get there.

“For drivers getting less than an average of around 45mpg from their car, an extra 10-mile round trip to get cheaper fuel could result in you paying more for an average top-up.

“And the 2.5 million drivers who would travel 20 miles or more out of their way for a 5p per litre saving would almost certainly lose money.”