Road safety association GEM is warning drivers of dangerous weather conditions caused by storm Brendan over the next few days.

GEM road safety officer Neil Worth said: “We want all road users to be aware of how risk increases when weather conditions become more challenging. So, if your journey is not necessary, then consider delaying it, or using public transport if available.

Rain and strong winds are hitting Ireland and West of the UK on Monday, with adverse weather forecast to reach the East of the country by Wednesday.

Worth said: “If you do need to drive, then plan ahead. Stay tuned to weather forecasts before you go, and allow extra time for journeys where weather conditions are likely to prove difficult.”

“Strong wind can occur just about anywhere, but it can be more common in wide open spaces. Areas for concern also include bridges, exposed stretches of road and cuttings where roads pass through hilly areas. These locations can act as funnels for wind.”

GEM is recommending drivers to give other vehicles more space – especially large trucks and vehicles towing trailers – and to double distances to the vehicle in front.

The organization is also warning not to rely on automatic headlights to make sure that your lights are on during heavy rain.