The Government has announced a series of efforts to reduce motoring costs, including targeting bogus whiplash claims, freezing MoT prices and tackling inflated motorway fuel prices.

Ministers have pledged to target the “compensation culture” surrounding whiplash claims and announced plans to set up medical panels to spot fraudulent claims.

A strategy is also underway to clamp down on inflated fuel prices at motorway service stations, and the Government intends to install price comparison signs to display the cost of fuel at all service stations on certain roads, which will theoretically increase competition.

It also announced that the maximum price of an MoT test would be frozen at the current figure of £54.85 until 2015.

Labour MP and chair of the Transport Select Committee, Louise Ellman, said: “[We have] looked at this over a long time and very recently we recommended that insurance companies shouldn’t pay out for whiplash claims without a medical report and that those medical reports should come from independent medical practitioners.

“So I’m very pleased that the Government has now accepted one of our key recommendations.”