The Government’s National Infrastructure Commission will later today launch a call for evidence, which will focus on three areas, including transport in London and Northern transport infrastructure.

The survey will be announced by the interim chair of the board, Andrew Adonis, during a two-day visit to the North of the country, where he is holding discussions with political and business leaders on how upgrades can support growth in the region.

It will concentrate on the following three areas and will last until 8 January 2016.

  • Northern connectivity: Identifying priorities for future investment in the north’s s transport infrastructure to improve connectivity between cities, especially east-west across the Pennines.
  • London’s transport system: Reviewing options for future investment in large scale transport improvements – on road, rail and underground – including Crossrail 2
  • Energy: Reviewing how the UK can better balance supply and demand

The comission will then publish a report based on its findings before 2016’s Budget.

The Call for Evidence will be available here.