Electric vehicles are not yet “taking off” in fleet, and hydrogen is the only conceivable long-term future fuel, environmental expert Don Potts told delegates at the ACFO annual conference.

Potts declared a suspicion of electric vehicles, claiming that not one public charging point in Milton Keynes, Kingston or Cambridge has been used since their installation early this year, and that only 547 EVs have been registered since 1 January 2011. “It just doesn’t seem to be taking off,” he said. “The view of Cap and Glass’s on RVs is absolutely crucial – any doubt on RVs will kill it stone dead.”

Potts also sounded the death knell for business cars over 160g/km, as “finance directors don’t like them on their books”, and warned that congestion charging will eventually move into most cities, while road user charging of around 35p per mile on busy motorways and 5p per mile on rural roads can also be expected.

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