Drivers of grey fleet cars are among a disturbingly high percentage of UK motorists who admit having non hands-free phone conversations while driving and reading or sending texts on the move.

Research from discovered that 31% talk while holding their mobile phones when driving and 48% of 25 to 34 year olds confess to having read or sent texts on the road. emphasises the consequences of this law-breaking tendency pointing out that being convicted for using a mobile phone when driving can add £90 to a 25-year-old driver’s annual insurance premium, with a potentially dire impact on fleet drivers’ employment.

Overall 31% of those questioned admitted to talking on the phone without using hands free kit and 30% had read texts while driving, while a further 23% used smartphones as a satnav aid in the same circumstances.

The 25-34 years old age group are the worst offenders and 22% pled guilty to writing emails when at the wheel. Taking all age groups the eating while driving factor rose to 69% and 34% smoked on the move.