Businesses with company car fleets are increasingly offering PCH schemes to support drivers taking a cash allowance, according to Grosvenor Group.

It says its PCH order intake for the first two months of this year was double the rate seen last summer.

The company attributes this to increasing demand, as well as a growth in the size of its team.

CEO Shaun Barrit said that PCH was a way for companies to avoid common issues with drivers moving from a conventional company car to regular grey fleet, which often sees them opting for older, more polluting vehicles.

He said: “With an in-house personal leasing team based at our head office alongside our corporate contract hire and fleet management teams, when drivers take the cash option they are far more likely to move seamlessly into a Grosvenor PCH car from their company car.

“As a result, the cash driver’s new personal lease car is likely to be low emission, and will be properly serviced, taxed and not need an MOT for three years. 

“It is also managed by the same safe pair of hands that runs our customers’ company vehicles and becomes a private car that the company is proud for their employee to use for business.”