Daily rental firm Hertz has signed a two-year 500-unit electric vehicle supply deal with Renault. The four Renault EVs launched in the next 18 months – the Kangoo van, lower medium Fluence, Supermini Zoe and Twizy scooter/city car – are all included in the deal.

Hertz said there will be an allocation for corporates as they’re seen as early adoptors, although couldn’t say how many cars would be devoted here.

“Our partnership with Hertz will allow the public to experience our innovative driving technology first-hand, as well as developing their understanding of the environmental benefits of our Renault ZE Range,” said Uwe Hochgeschurtz, senior VP of Renault’s corporate sales division.

The new deal will form part of Hertz’s global electric vehicle programme launched last year, aimed at adding a variety of EVs to the company’s offering. The cars will also form part of the company’s Green Collection, made up of sub-140g/km models.

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