The Highways Agency is planning to introduce variable speed limits on the M1 following a public consultation.

The HA published a summary of respondents it received to its proposals for a ‘smarter’ M1, including variable speed limits and a hard shoulder conversion. 

Respondents to the consultation supported the variable limits but were against the hard shoulder conversion.

During the consultation, the HA proposed a smart motorway between junctions 28 and 31 and between 32 and 35a, and to install variable mandatory speed limits between junctions 31 and 32.

The HA said the schemes would support economic growth, increase motorway capacity and reduce congestion, smooth traffic flows and provide more reliable journey times.

The HA said it is going to recommend changes to the legislation to provide for a variable motorway speed limit system between junctions 28 and 35a to allow the smart motorway scheme to operate once constructed.

A HA spokeswoman told BusinessCar the project will go live “later this year.”