Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions is considering the introduction of short-term rental on diesel or petrol cars for electric vehicle customers, which they would be able to hire when there was need for a longer-range car, such as for a family holiday.

Hitachi pricing manager Chris Shore said a big issue with EVs was range anxiety: “There will be occasions when you need to go above 100 miles. We’re hoping to have a rental offer in the contract so you can order a petrol or diesel car for a short time.”

The company, which has taken its first EV order, is also offering a dual-branding rental scheme for a client’s first leased EV, where cars involved would have both Hitachi’s and the customer’s logo on the vehicle.

The deal would reduce the cost of a Nissan Leaf by £65 to £325 per month. A Citroen C-zero would cost £358, saving £72, and a Peugeot Ion would costs £363, saving £59.

Hitachi has installed charging points at its Newbury and Trowbridge offices, which Shore said customers are welcome to use. It is also in discussions with partners regarding providing EV charging point infrastructure. Shore concluded that “like mobiles, you will see costs come down” in the EV market.

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