The Office for Low Emission Vehicles has confirmed that Toyota’s Mirai hydrogen car is eligible for the Government’s £5000 Plug-in Car Grant.

The Government department announced the addition to its range in a tweet earlier today.

The grant provides up to 35% off the cost of a car, to a maximum of £5000, while the Plug-In Van Grant covers 20% of the cost of a new van, up to a maximum of £8000.

Which vehicles qualify for the plug-in car grant?

To qualify for the Government grant, cars must have a CO2 output of less than 75g/km and a minimum pure-electric range of 10 miles. The Mirai – which uses a hydrogen fuel cell to create power to drive an electric motor – has a claimed range of 300 miles and emits nothing other than water.

It can also be filled up with hydrogen in three minutes.

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