The Institute of Advanced Motorists has partnered with telematics company Lightfoot to provide fleet operators with a way of monitoring their drivers’ driving styles to make them safer.

The package includes a one-on-one IAM Drive and Survive coaching session for each driver to identify weaknesses in their driving style.

The vehicle is then fitted with the Lightfoot device which provides real-time feedback on the motorist’s driving style, and each week the results are emailed to the fleet manager showing the driver’s performance.

Fleets are allocated dedicated account managers, which monitor the reports and identifies if drivers need further training. IAM and Lightfoot claim this will reduce the workload of the fleet manager.

“Lightfoot is a training tool, not a monitoring tool, designed to help drivers improve their driving style in a sustained manner, rather than as a punitive device to catch drivers out,” said Mark Roberts, managing director of Lightfoot.