The Institute of Car Fleet Management (ICFM) has updated its website to reflect the organisation’s rebranding and to offer more functionality.

In addition, the ICFM says the new website will make it easier for people to interact with the fleet body.

ICFM director Peter Eldridge said a “disproportionate” number of interactions with members were conducted by telephone or email, which took up a lot of administration time.

“The website is now not just a repository of information, it is a completely interactive tool,” Eldridge said. “New information about ICFM events and courses as well as industry news can be posted on the website and it will directly link to ICFM’s social media channels ? Twitter and LinkedIn ? to maximise coverage.”

He added: “Overall, the website is simpler to use with fewer tabs, but its design means that it is also smarter, more visually attractive and carries more information that is critical to members, and reflects the new ICFM branding launched late last year.”

The ICFM has also speeded up the process of gaining its fellowship status. Previously, members could only obtain the highest level of membership after completing an 18-month advanced diploma course.

However, new members who can provide evidence of their fleet management competence and application of skills and knowledge with successful outcomes can apply for the fellowship status straight away.

“There are many people working as fleet managers and in the supply side of the fleet industry that have built up a wealth of knowledge and skills over many years,” Eldridge said “Rather than continuing a ‘one size fits all’ approach, there is now flexibility for people with demonstrable fleet experience to climb the qualification ladder more rapidly and potentially achieve Member or Fellowship status without completing ICFM training programmes.”

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