Islington council will install five bi-directional chargers outside its town hall. These will allow the electric part of the council’s fleet to not only charge, but also provide power to the building during peak times.

The vehicle-to-grid chargers, which are manufactured by EVTEC and Honda, will be installed with Moixa’s GridShare software outside Islington Town Hall.

The system charges the EVs’ batteries when power on the local network is cheapest and cleanest and uses power from the cars’ batteries when power from the grid is most expensive and carbon intensive. When five EVs are plugged in to he chargers, they can provide enough power to cover the town hall’s base load.

Alastair Martin, chief strategy officer and founder of Flexitricity, said: “We’re delighted to be able to utilise our expertise in aggregating and dispatching flexibility to help Moixa and Honda realise this innovative project. There is huge value in flexibility and Flexitricity’s job is to make sure all types of energy users have access to it – from large commercial and industrial energy users down to every EV customer.”