Business car software specialist Jaama has struck a high-profile deal with British Transport Police’s 430-strong fleet.

Jaama signed a contract 18 months ago with the transport police, with the new system going live this month.

Commenting on the deal, Jason Francis, Jaama boss, said: “British Transport Police had an antiquated collection of databases spread across several locations. We’ve joined them together and made them into a useable system.

“Our system has the ability to automatically send a notification when things aren’t being none properly – and it’s all web-based.”

The deal also marks a change in approach to the market by the software firm, which was started in 2004.

“Jaama will be going public with deals from now on,” added Francis. “Until now we’ve just been getting on with it. We’re coming up to our fourth year in business, so we have the background and accounts that can stand up to scrutiny.”