Kia is loaning its cars to potential fleet buyers for one to two weeks to raise awareness of the brand.

Fleet boss Andrew Sellars said the move allows corporate buyers to “experience the product” when there are “a lot of fleets that haven’t heard about Kia”.

The main focus is on people who need a car for a job function but it is also appealing to user choosers.

Around 100 cars are available for customers to test-drive for a short period of time, with Ceed accounting for 60 vehicles.

Sellars said its Ceed EcoDynamics five-door version is where Kia will “pick up most of its business” thanks to 110g/km of CO2.

He added that Kia needed to demonstrate its whole life costs are much better than competitors to improve its fleet share: An equivalent Ford Focus over three years would cost more £5000 more to run, according to Sellars.

While Ceed remains Kia’s most popular fleet model, selling 48% of volume, its revised Sportage, on sale in autumn, will also appeal to lower-medium buyers, he said.

“Our strong message is whole life costs. And with its new look, it become aspirational rather than just another choice.

“We can hit the top C-segment competitors – drivers of Volkswagen Golfs and cars like that.” Sellars added.

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