Kia has launched its first aftersales charter aimed at fleet customers, and the new set of promises includes a standardised regional labour rate across the UK.

The firm hasn’t had a specific fleet aftersales charter before, though UK fleet boss John Hargreaves said it hasn’t reflected poorly on the brand because it is already looking after customers well.

However, the new 11-point charter is a chance for Kia to shout about what it can offer fleet customers on the servicing side of its business.

Dealers have to opt in to signing the charter, and 90% of Kia’s 184 dealers have already done so. Kia is working with the remaining 10% to get full coverage across the UK.

The regionalised labour rate is set at £65 for London and the south-east, £60 for the Midlands, south Wales and south-west, £56 for north Wales and northern England, and £53 in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Fleets will receive a 10% discount on the recommended retail price of all routine service and maintenance parts. All vehicles will be washed and vacuumed following a service.

The maximum price of oil is capped at £7.95 a litre and MoT prices for fleets have been fixed at £35.
Kia’s fleet customers can expect a maximum lead time of three working days for a service or five working days where a courtesy car is required. Safety-related and emergency work will be given priority. Breakdowns? will be treated as a priority booking with investigation and initial diagnosis completed within 24 hours.

Customers can arrange for work to be carried out while they wait in situations where that is possible. The fleet charter dealers will also offer a collection and delivery service within a 20-minute or 10-mile radius of the dealership.

Participating dealerships are committed to a sub-20-minute response to booking requests made online.
All wiper blades and external bulbs with ?a fitting time of less than 20 minutes will ?be done free of charge during a service.

All vehicles coming in will get a free vehicle health check and any software updates (excluding satnav maps) will be installed for free as part of a routine service.

Kia will give fleets a dedicated call centre number that drivers or fleet managers can call to assist with general enquiries related to servicing, as well as warranty issues, parts availability and vehicle or dealership related problems.