A new card designed for EV drivers to display their expected charging duration at public chargers has been introduced by Leaseplan.

The timer card, which will be included in the company’s driver pack with all future EV leases, allows drivers to set an estimated time of completion, which they can then display on their vehicle’s dashboard for other drivers to see.

Leaseplan said it hoped the card would improve driver etiquette, and that its introduction followed a recent move by Aberdeen and Sheffield city councils to charge drivers who stay too long at EV chargers.

Leaseplan UK head of marketing Neill Emmett said: “Getting behind the wheel of an EV is an immensely enjoyable experience. Anyone who’s made the switch to an EV will tell you that they’d never go back to a petrol or diesel car. However, as we learn the new process of EV charging, there are a few important etiquette rules we all need to follow, particularly when charging in public.

“Our new Happy Charger dashboard timer is all about giving EV drivers greater peace of mind when they’re out and about and simplifying the charging experience. 

“There’s a great sense of comradery within the EV-driving community, so by adding that extra layer of transparency we can ensure we’re all being considerate of one another and enhancing the experience for all.”