ALD Automotive, Alphabet and Lex were the big winners in the latest influential APD Landmark Satisfaction Survey that also showed improvements across the industry.

Leasing firms hit an impressive average 80.6% customer satisfaction result in the post-sale category, with ALD achieving 82.8% to take the top spot.

The category asked the sample size of 380 customers and digested the 12,338 responses to see how satisfied customers were with leasing firms’ telephone response, professionalism, expertise, vehicle ordering and disposal as well as flexibility of in-life service.

The pre-sale category recorded joint winners in Lex and last year’s champion Alphabet, each scoring 86.2% compared with the average 83.3 for the 19 leasing companies surveyed.

APD analysed specific performance indicators such as response to enquiries, communication, range of products and services offered, overall satisfaction and likelihood of repeat business.

But the industry as a whole is improving in both areas. “Detailed analysis reveals that the gap between the top five contract hire and leasing companies and the bottom five in both surveys has narrowed,” said APD boss Paul Turner. “This is a clear sign that, according to their customers, all leasing companies are delivering an improved service.”