Four UK leasing firms have joined car manufacturers Ford and Volvo in signing up to the BVRLA’s new Recare recall scheme.

Tusker and Lex Autolease have joined Leaseplan and Arval in signing up to the scheme that has been 12 months in development.

Designed by Ebbon-Dacs to provide a single location for all manufacturers to list safety recall schemes, the two manufacturers will be the first to feed data into the system during November.

Fleet operators – including contract hire and leasing, daily rental and fleet management companies – that are BVRLA members or their appointed agents, can then check for free whether there are any outstanding recall notices on their vehicles.

They will receive a notification when a manufacturer issues a recall, and can cross-reference their fleet to check for affected vehicles.

“Recare has the potential to deliver huge duty of care and road safety benefits to the fleet management sector,” said BVRLA boss John Lewis.

“It also has the potential to significantly reduce the administrative burden faced by manufacturers trying to notify recalls to thousands of different fleet owners.”

Vehicle provenance check providers CDL Vehicle Information Services, Experian and HPI have all confirmed they will be carrying out free checks to ensure VIN-based data from manufacturers matches registration data from leasing companies.

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