Leasing companies are failing to “grasp that telematics is key”, according to Trafficmaster director of in-vehicle products Pat Gallagher.

As more and more customers are looking to work with telematics, he said leasing firms still see it as an unacceptable price point. “It’s very cost-effective,” he said. “It is my job to help companies realise this”

Trafficmaster is hoping to follow in the success of its US operation, which creates white-labelled products for leasing companies. “It is working well in the States, but isn’t working so well here,” added Gallagher. “We would like the big players to have their own white-label product.”

Trafficmaster regularly talks to major players including Lombard, Masterlease, Lex Autolease and Marshall Leasing and says the firms’ top request for telematics capability is mileage capture. The ability to be able to communicate with customers and ensure the correct SMR is carried out is also high on the priority list.

Gallager said the full suite of its services might cost £19 per vehicle per month. However, the firm can break down the price to the aspects a leasing company wants and then approach the clients to “show what the product can do” to add additional features and therefore value for Trafficmaster.

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