Licence checking and duty of care issues dominated the priorities of fleets looking to acquire new management systems, according to respondents to the latest GE Capital Company Car Trends survey.

It found that 30% of fleets that currently don’t have licence-checking systems planned to introduce them, while 24% intended to introduce a duty of care element to their operations.

Some 17% wanted to adopt systems that captured accident data, 21% were investigating IT systems that helped with in-life costs, 15% were considering reporting by leasing provider, 7% were looking into fuel cards, and 5% named telematics.

“The findings from this shopping list reveal an appetite for more accurate information in important areas and show quite large numbers of fleets are planning to adopt solutions in the near future,” said GE Capital’s fleet services leader Gary Killeen.

“There is a general desire to contain service maintenance and repair spending as much as possible and detailed reporting allows fleets to help identify areas where expenditure can be tackled.”