Richard Irvin FM is to roll out the Lightfoot training and driver rewards platform across its fleet.

The facilities management company, which has a fleet including 90 company cars, as well as 225 vans, said its decision came after a trial in which CO2 emissions were cut by 8%, and instances of dangerous driving were eliminated.

The trial also brought about a 30% reduction in incidents of harsh acceleration, braking, and cornering, along with an 8% improvement in fuel economy, and a 10% fall in idling time.

Lightfoot’s dashboard-mounted device gives drivers real-time feedback on their performance, while the associated smartphone app allows them to receive rewards for driving well.

Richard Irvin FM HSEQC director Steven Rawding said: “The behaviour of drivers and the ability to positively change that through direct in-cab training, encouraging safer and more efficient driving, was something that we were looking for, but it was not offered by our standard tracker provider.

“We discussed this with Lightfoot who explained that their driver-led solution focuses on helping drivers to be better by giving them the both the tools and the incentive to be safer, more aware and more efficient. That chimed with our company values, which focus on safety, integrity, excellence, responsibility and collaboration.

“With Lightfoot in place, we were able to deliver on all these, giving our staff the technology to be better, the opportunity and incentive to drive with greater responsibility, a transparent solution that engenders integrity and encourages excellence through leagues and rewards, and a collaborative solution where each and every driver has a part to play in helping the business to be better one mile at a time.”