The vast majority of fleets have reported a backlash from drivers when implementing a telematics system according to BusinessCar’s latest online poll.

A total of 42.9% said they had experienced a ‘significant amount’ of resistance from drivers when implementing the technology, while 35.7% reported ‘a little’ resistance.

Around one in five (21.4%) said drivers ‘do not appear to be concerned’. Commenting on the results, Giles Margerison, sales director of TomTom Business Solutions, said: “We’ve moved on from the days when such technology was viewed solely as ‘big brother’, and advanced systems offer a wealth of benefits far beyond asset tracking – including driver behaviour monitoring, dynamic routing and smart dispatch. However, there clearly remains a degree of suspicion among drivers.

“This can easily be overcome if the technology is positioned in the right way and the business case is clearly explained to employees. Housing and care provider Sanctuary Group took this path, organising a series of workshops with staff prior to roll-out of a telematics system, and 80% of feedback was positive as a result.”

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