London mayor Boris Johnson has launched a new air quality campaign for the capital by targeting drivers who leave their engines idling.

Citing his intention to cut air pollution in the run up to the Olympics, Johnson’s campaign is aimed at motorists that leave their engines running for more than 60 seconds while their vehicle is stationary.

This follows a move by the City of London to fine drivers up to £40 if they are caught leaving their engines running, which came into force on 1 January.

Croydon, Islington and Wandsworth councils already issue fines to drivers who leave their engines running when stationary, while buses and coaches can be fined for similar offences in Camden.

The mayor’s ‘no idling’ campaign applies to vehicles that are parked and drivers waiting to pick up and drop off passengers.

Keith Allen, UK MD of leasing firm ALD Automotive, says the mayor’s move helps to highlight other ways of cutting CO2, and therefore fuel, such as through telematics. “We have noticed a significant increase in interest from businesses and drivers.who want to reduce their fuel consumption and CO2,” he said.