The majority of UK van drivers have used their mobile phones illegally compared to 45% of car drivers according to a survey by

The survey of over 400 motorists also found that 60% of road users would answer the phone or send a text while driving.

The leasing car company believes this is down to the number of convictions and fixed penalty notices being half of what they were in 2006, three years after the ban was introduced, leading motorists to believe that they won’t get caught.

The current penalty is a £60 fine and three points on the driving licence.

Department of Transport figures attribute 17 deaths and 548 injuries to the use of mobile phones behind the wheel in 2012. Between 2010 and 2012, more than 9000 accidents were blamed on phones, sat navs and car radios.

“Despite frequent news stories of accidents, injuries and deaths caused by people using their phone while driving, people still don’t get the message,” says’s Johnny Ratcliffe.

“Nearly more than 10% said they’re on the net while behind the wheel. In most cases, it’s searching for information on their destination, but there are some thickheads who can’t help posting on Facebook when their eyes ought to be on the road,” said Ratcliffe