Manheim held what it claimed is the first ever outdoor offsite auction last Monday (20 July), using a converted Volkswagen Amarok on the banks of the River Thames in Windsor.

The Amarok pick-up acts as an auctioneer’s podium, and the vehicle features waterproofed speaker system, TV and webcam, while Manheim uses a variety of 3G and 4G providers to ensure the Simulcast web system will function properly, allowing online bidders to compete with those at the auction.

A total of 70 buyers participated in the sale, which was held in conjunction with Citroen. According to the remarketing company, 70% of the 222 cars offered were sold to physical buyers, while the other 30% went to online buyers using its Simulcast system.

“We could not be happier with the results that Manheim achieved, both in terms of conversions and sale prices,” said Paul Drake, remarketing manager for Manheim. “We know that the time pressures on car dealers are significant, so to be able to deploy Manheim’s Mobile Auction Unit gives buyers access to stock they might have missed in a physical auction.”