Mazda is assuring business drivers an efficient future with seven new models over the next four years, all using the brand’s new CO2-cutting Skyactive technology.

The new models will join the CX-5 small SUV that went on-sale earlier this year, taking the total number of Skyactive cars to eight by 2016.

Speaking to BusinessCar at the Moscow motor show, where the new Mazda 6 was given its global debut, global chief executive officer Takashi Yamanouchi said: “This year 30% of our sales will be Skyactive sales.

“By March 2016 that will be 80%. So there are six more, four of which will be replacement models and ‘some’ newcomers.”

While the four replacement models cover most of the car range, including the 2, 3, 5 and MX-5, Yamanouchi remained tight-lipped about exactly what the two new models would be.

He added: “We can’t cover all segments. We’ve defined the B, C and D segments as our battlefield. But we can still try and provide a good complement of SUVs and others within that.”

Yamanouchi said the Mazda 6 would be the firm’s flagship model and would be both the brand’s largest and most technically advanced car.

Looking further ahead, he believes the vast majority of future car sales will continue to be powered by increasingly efficient petrol and diesel engines, with only a very small number of purely electric cars being bought.

However, he did reveal that Mazda is developing an EV with a range-extender: “In Japan only, we will launch an EV range-extender with a rotary engine.

“There are two problems with EVs: the battery cost and the range. But with fuel – petrol or hydrogen – you can extend this.

“The car will be available on a lease basis only next year. The rotary engine has very good dynamic performance, but it’s not so good on economy when you accelerate and decelerate.

“However, with a range-extender you can use a rotary engine at a constant 2000rpm, at its most efficient. It’s compact too.”

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