Autogas claims to have received a surge of interest from fleet managers after demonstrating a Mazda6 converted to run on LPG.

The company, which supplies liquid petroleum gas to forecourts, says fleets can save up to 40% on running costs by switching to LPG.

Key accounts manager Paul Oxford said: “This was the first time we had showcased the Mazda6 LPG to potential customers. Many fleet managers took up the offer of a test drive and Mazda received significant interest from people requesting more information on how LPG could benefit their fleet.”

The Mazda6 LPG is fitted with the Prins Liquimax system, which uses the existing petrol injectors to insert LPG. The system is engine specific and currently only available on the Mazda6. Autogas said as more vehicles are approved it will enable LPG to be adapted to the latest direct injection petrol engines.

LPG is available from 1400 refuelling points in the UK – most Autogas pumps are on Shell forecourts.

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