M&D Care has introduced fully automated driver licence checking provided by DriverCheck.

The care provider has a fleet of around 45 company-owned pool cars, typically kept at its care homes and used by multiple drivers, and 45 grey fleet vehicles, generally owned and driven by community care staff.

With over 300 recognised drivers across the business, implementing DriverCheck’s embedded API solution is said to have provided major benefits.

M&D Care operations project manager Harry Owen said: “Before we appointed DriverCheck, we carried out all checks manually which was very time-consuming and labour intensive. 

“Now the whole process is fully automated and, through the API, we can automatically update our back-office systems as well as ensuring our records are continually up to date on the DriverCheck platform.

“We are in the process of onboarding all our drivers across the business, including any new starters as we are going through a recruitment phase. The system now ensures all routine updates are now carried out automatically, such as photocard renewal reminders, and DriverCheck has been very accommodating in the way it has been set up for us.”

Owen said the system gave the business greater reassurance that it was legally compliant at all times and meeting its duty of care obligations.

He said: “This dramatically reduces our risk of legal infringements under, for instance, the Corporate Manslaughter Act. 

“We have been going through a digital transformation across our business and DriverCheck fits perfectly within that approach.”