Mercedes will launch its first full hybrid vehicle in the UK next year in the form of a diesel-electric E300.

The car was first shown in concept form last year at the Geneva motor show, however the brand has now released final specifications for the vehicle.

The E300 will be based on the E250 CDI, but adds a 15kw electric motor to give a total power output of 224hp. The official CO2 figure has been revised upward from the concept’s 109g/km to 116g/km in the production car. This equates to an official combined fuel figure of 64.2mpg. However, due to the additional power over the E250 CDI, the hybrid is expected to be marketed as a step up from the E250 CDI and priced accordingly.

The hybrid is capable of running in electric-only mode up to speeds of 22mph, but will also turn the diesel engine off when coasting down from 50mph.

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