Rental company Meridian Vehicle Solutions is adding the first EVs to its fleet.

The medium-term rental specialist has made the Audi E-Tron available to lease for between three and 12 months, with the vehicles – expected to be between five and 10 units initially – delivered new directly from dealers.

Managing director Phil Jerome said that as a rental firm in the company car sector, Meridian needed to be adding EVs in order to meet future demand.

He said: “Initially, we expect interest to be high from businesses and company car drivers who are curious about EVs but remain cautious about the technology and don’t want to jump straight in and take out a long-term lease. 

“Here, we are providing an option that allows them to see whether an EV will fit in with their work and personal motoring needs.

“Our feeling is that, once they have tried out an EV over an extended period of time, they will come to be strong advocates of the technology.” 

Despite the optimism over EVs, Jerome says that the number joining the Meridian fleet will remain low over the next few months, because of limited availability, as well as high purchase prices compared with petrol and diesel cars.

“We would like to add more EVs and plan to do so during the rest of 2020 but much will depend on the supply situation and the kind of pricing that the market will accept,” he said.

“Providing EVs into the medium-term rental sector remains relatively uncharted territory.”