The new vehicle market is a very competitive one which is good for drivers.

The quality of new models, the performance that they can deliver and reliability all seem to improve year-on-year as the main manufacturers vie for market share.

In a space that is so competitive, it is no surprise that we are seeing waves of innovation as different brands look to provide something that the others don’t.

This is a point corroborated by a recent innovation survey carried out by the Boston Consulting Group, placing carmakers as some of the most innovative companies around.

With developments such as self parking cars, electric powered vehicles and lane control, the results of the survey don’t come as a surprise. It just reinforces the strides that the car manufacturers are making and the need to innovate to remain competitive.

What’s more, when we talk about innovation, we don’t mean cosmetic gadgets, we’re talking fundamental changes to the way that our vehicles operate and functionality that is hard to do without.

Vastly improved mpg performance and lower CO2 emissions provide great examples of significant improvement which has come about in a relatively short space of time.

The survey also showed, that safety is a key area of focus for the manufacturers and a strong area for innovation.

Functionality ranging from self-braking systems to vehicle-to-vehicle communications mean that our cars have never been safer.

This is really exciting, because a dynamic market means constant improvement.

Some of which will be obvious to you, and some of which will support you without you knowing it.

But either way, automotive change is abundant and the ones to benefit the most are the drivers.