Mitsubishi has partnered with charge point maker Chargemaster which will allow its customers to use the company’s Polar network of charging points for free for six months.

The offer is available for owners who have a Chargemaster charging point installed at home.

The deal also includes access to ChargeVision, Chargemaster’s reporting system for six months, which allows users to track home electricity and Polar network usage via the ChargeVision website.

Last month, Chargemaster launched its Workplace Charging Scheme aimed at companies who are operating electric cars or for employees who need to charge vehicles at work.

Chargemaster said it costs £995 to install a 7kW charger using its team of electricians, with discounts available for multiple charging points.

The firm is also offering a 22kW phase-three quickcharging unit. A spokesman for Chargemaster told BusinessCar the price of the faster charger may vary depends on particular requirements.

In December, wireless technology company Qualcomm licensed its wireless charging technology to Chargemaster.

The deal means wireless charging will be rolled out across the UK from this year. Chargemaster claimed it has installed more than 10,000 nationwide charging points, which are ‘wirelessly ready’ and can be adapted to run the wireless charging systems. The firm is expecting fleets to use the wireless charging points.

The Qualcomm technology uses magnetic induction to transfer energy from a ground-based pad to a pad integrated into the vehicle, while the base pad and vehicle pad are coupled magnetically and the energy is transferred wirelessly to charge the vehicle’s batteries.