Japanese firm Mitsubishi is to use its home Tokyo motor show next month to reveal a trio of concept cars hinting at the its low-emission  plans for the future.

The seven-seat Outlander 4×4 will get a sub-50g/km plug-in hybrid version early next year, but the firm is fitting the technology to both a full-size SUV that could be presumed to hint at a replacement for the long-serving Shogun, and a concept for a compact SUV. There will also be the latest petrol technology on show in the guise of an MPV concept car.

The Concept GC-PHEV, the large SUV, is described as being fitted with a “high-output plug-in hybrid electric vehicle system”, and Mitsubishi claims it would offer the dynamic drivability of an SUV with class-leading environmental performance, as well as next-generation preventative safety technology.

The XR-PHEV is a smaller crossover that is fitted with a lightweight version of the plug-in technology, and will be styled to resemble a coupe.

The third model is the Concept AR, which stands for Active Runabout, and is a people carrier fitted with a low capacity turbocharged petrol engine.

Although the company would not be drawn on the production potential for the three concept vehicles, it wouldn’t be unrealistic to expect all three to be on sale in the UK in the coming years.¬†