Mitsubishi has reduced the cost of its electric I-Miev, with the new price matching its key rival, Nissan‘s Leaf.

The carmaker announced in March that the car would cost £33,699 after government incentives when it goes on sale in January 2011.

Meanwhile, Nissan announced in May that its electric car, the Leaf, would cost £23,990 (after government incentives), which, at the time, undercut the Mitsubishi by around £10,000.

Now, the I-Miev has been revised to cost £23,990 after the £5000 grant.

Mitsubishi said the price realignment “signals Mitsubishi Motors’ global intentions to remain first in the promotion and establishment of the early electric vehicle market”.

Lance Bradley, Mitsubishi UK managing director said: “The I-Miev will remain first in all respects. We have been first in almost every aspect of the UK’s EV market for the last two to three years and we’re not going to give up that position easily.”

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