British Gas is expanding its UK charging point programme and has now partnered with Mitsubishi to supply charging points to the Japanese firm’s customers.

The carmaker currently has only one electric vehicle on sale in the UK – the i-Miev city car – but it is planning an imminent expansion of electric drivetrains across its range

Certain customers may be eligible for free charging point installations under the scheme such as those located in London, the east of England, the Midlands and Milton Keynes.

These areas are covered by the energy supplier’s tie-up with network specialist Polar.

Those that are located elsewhere or are deemed ineligible for free charging points can have a wall-mounted charging system fitted from £799 or a dedicated circuit from £375, which prevents a building’s electrical supply from overloading when charging a vehicle.

The relationship will also render Mitsubishi customers eligible for British Gas’ off-peak saver tariff, which is said to reduce the costs of charging EVs overnight. Smart meters are also supplied with the tariff, which create accurate bills and do away with estimated charges.

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