Mitsubishi wants one in five of all its vehicle sales to be electric-powered by 2020 and unveiled two EVs at the 2009 Tokyo motor show that could help fulfil that pledge.

The first, the PX-Miev crossover concept, indicates how the next Outlander might look as early as 2012. Shorter, lower and a little wider than the current car, it has refreshingly simple styling but is more significant for its powertrain. The PX proposes a new type of off-roader powered by three modes: electric-only, electric with range extended by a 1.6-litre petrol engine topping up the battery, and for higher speeds, petrol/electric hybrid power in tandem. Sharing the same platform as the Lancer and the small crossover due to be unveiled at Geneva 2010 (based on the 2007 CX concept), such multiple-option EV tech could easily translate into these vehicles too.

The second concept is a van-derived version of the i-Miev city car called the Cargo. Mitsubishi said UK firms have expressed interest in a commercial EV for short-run city deliveries, and given Mitsubishi’s plan to spawn three body styles from the i-Miev platform, don’t bet against it coming to British shores if the i-MiEV city car – the first 25 of which arrive this month – proves a hit.