Energy distribution company National Grid is considering installing electric charging points at its offices following an increase in the number of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles on its fleet at its HQ.

The firm said the number of PHEVs on its fleet has nearly doubled between April 2016 and January 2017, from 177 to 375 units, with the number of fully electric vehicles also increasing, though a figure was not released.

National Grid installed six charging points as a ‘viability project’ last April, and data from Evolt, the company supplying the points, suggests there has been a 334% usage uplift in January 2017 compared with April 2016.

“We have found our Evolt chargers to be highly reliable and supportive of our eco ambitions and have no reason to doubt installation at further sites would be a success,” said Richard Lloyd, risk and compliance manager at National Grid. “We are working collectively with Evolt to develop a strategy in realising this aim while continuing to increase use of the charge points at [the firm’s HQ] National Grid House.”

He added: “The more remote sites with fewer employees have individual challenges, and EV charging services must be provided in a sustainable way, so collaborating to find the best solutions is key.”